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    Cultural Innovation Fuels Booming Hunan Culture Industry | | Edit:Lillian
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        Innovation is an important engine of cultural development. A number of innovative projects and individuals have emerged in Hunan’s journey towards a strong cultural province, which accelerate Hunan cultural advancement. 

        The Hunan Provincial Cultural Innovation Awards were announced recently. The awarded projects involved news publicity, public cultural services, cultural system reform, and cultural products and services.

        Chinese writer Wang Yuewen's long historical novel Premier of Qing Dynasty is on a bookshelf at Hunan Book Market on June 13. It tells the story of premier Chen Tingjing from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).

        A child actor performs modern Peking opera at Qingzhuhuxiangyi Foreign Language School, Changsha City on May 26. On the same day, an activity to promote campus culture in communities and traditional culture in schools was launched in Kaifu District.

     On May 16, citizens read news through an electronic screen at a hotel lobby.

    The audience watch the real-scene drama “Tianmen Fox Fairy 

    – Liu Hai Cuts Firewood” on June 10. 

    A concert themed “Soldier Transfer in Tongdao” is staged at Hunan Grand Theater on Feb. 28.

        The Liling • World Ceramic Art City serves as a comprehensive platform for cultural, ceramic and tourism industries integration. It is based on cultural and artistic exchange, cultural creativity and design, cultural and artistic creation, and cultural tourism. "Internet plus" model is adopted to boost cultural creativity and design, and encourage public entrepreneurship and innovation.

     A flower-drum opera show at Yiyang Tea Market

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