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    Learders Talk Belt & Road Plan with Xi
    Source:China Daily | Author:China Daily | Edit:Lily
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        Nepal, Micronesia and Madagascar are welcome to take part in the Belt and Road Initiative, President Xi Jinping separately told leaders of the three countries on Monday.

        While meeting with Nepalese Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal, Xi said that the two countries should seize the opportunities to work together on the Belt and Road Initiative to push forward cooperation in such areas as interconnection, free trade, agriculture, production capacity, energy and earthquake reconstruction.

        The Belt and Road Initiative, put forward by Xi in 2013, aims to revive the ancient land and sea trade routes of the Silk Road with a focus on infrastructure.

        Mentioning that China and Nepal have maintained close contacts in all levels of government and political parties, Xi called for ongoing efforts to further develop friendly ties between the two countries.

        China and Nepal should continue to build upon political trust and support each other on major issues related to shared interests, Xi said. The two countries should expand two-way investment and promote fair bilateral trade, he added.

        The Nepalese prime minister expressed gratitude for China's long-term support, especially the assistance with reconstruction following Nepal's deadly 2015 earthquake.

        Dahal also affirmed his nation's commitment to the one-China policy and said the country will never allow any force to engage in anti-China activities in Nepalese territory.

        Nepal supports the Belt and Road Initiative, and it is willing to cooperate with China in areas including trade, investment, transportation, infrastructure, tourism and aviation, he said.

        Also on Monday, President Xi told Madagascan President Hery Rajaonarimampianina that China supports Madagascar's participation in the Belt and Road Initiative and the nation can help bridge a link to Africa.

        China is willing to establish a comprehensive cooperative partnership with Madagascar, Xi said.

        In the past 45 years, the two countries have respected each other and supported each other on issues of key interests and concerns, Xi said.

        China will support Madagascar in infrastructure construction, human resources and investment and trade efforts, he said, adding the two countries should cooperate in fields such as agriculture, fisheries and security and legal affairs.

       The Madagascan president said his country expects to promote economic and social development through deepening cooperation with China.

       After the meeting, the two presidents were on hand as cooperative documents were signed, including a memorandum of understanding on jointly working on the Belt and Road Initiative and others related to trade and infrastructure.

        Xi also said on Monday that China and Micronesia should fully tap into their potential and press ahead with two-way cooperation in fields including tourism, agriculture, fisheries and infrastructure.

        He told Micronesian President Peter M. Christian the two countries enjoy common or similar views on international and regional issues and explainedChinais ready to strengthen coordination on key issues such as climate change.

        ChinasupportsMicronesiato further play a role in regional affairs and is ready to step up dialogue and communication on issues involving Pacific island countries, Xi added.

        Christian said his country staunchly upholds the one-China policy and stands withChinaregarding major issues such as climate change and globalization.

        Xi noted that, after the two countries established a strategic partnership of mutual respect and common development in 2014, they have deepened political trust and strengthened cooperation and have made important progress.

        ChinaviewsMicronesiaas a good friend and a good partner among Pacific island countries, Xi said. He saidChinais willing to continue with high-level communication.

        Christian saidMicronesia's relationship withChinahas achieved robust development since the diplomatic ties were established 28 years ago.

        Following their talks, the two presidents witnessed the signing of bilateral agreements on economic and technological cooperation.

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