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    Reed Flute Cave
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    Located at the northwest of Guilin City, 5 kilometers away from the centre of the city, Reed Flute Cave is a famous scenic spot, mainly offering a magic fairyland of stalactites, stalagmites, stone columns, curtains and flowers in fantastic shapes and colors while appreciating landscape and rural scenery.  The Reed Flute Cave offers a majestic fairyland of karst caves with landscape and rural scenery. It is a magic fairyland of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, stone curtains, birds, plants and animals in fantastic shapes and colors, all glistening in colorful lights.



    Different points along the cave bear names like Virgin Forest, Crystal Palace, Flower and Fruit Mountain, and naturally there are myths behind the formation of various rock-forms, but the vistas could just as easily have come from a distant planet. Come back to Earth with a stroll around the pavilions of nearby Ludi Park.



    Brief Introduction

    The length of the cave is 240 meters, whereas the whole distances of touring can last 500 meters. There are too many things for the eyes to take in. The natural beauty of a large amount of stalactites and stalagmites, with their endless variety of remarkable scenes and visitors in the cave could undoubtedly evoke breathless admiration from domestic and foreign visitors.


    The feature of Reed Flute Cave is that more drip water constituted more stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars and become developed more stuffing in the cave. Visitors go into the cave, hovering between cracks in the forest of stelae, with colored lights shining, like place oneself in fairyland. The scenery of Reed Flute Cave is not only delicate but beautiful. Full cave of stalactites, stalagmites, stone pillars, and so on, like ivory carvings, as if boxwood carving, extremely beautiful, which known as "Art Palace of Nature¡±. People visit the Reed Flute Cave is able to enjoy many beautiful types of scenery.



    What to See

    ¡¾Outside the cave¡¿
    Reed Flute Cave scenic area constitute by the highest mountain in Guilin¡ªHoushan Mountain and most beautiful cave¡ªReed Flute Cave and Peach Blossom River, aromatic lotus pool and other water bodies of waterscape.

    ¡¾Inside the cave¡¿
    In the cave, there were forming natural dense stalactites, their rich smooth lines are magnificent. With lamplight, the cave creates a variety of artistic conception, makes the stalagnate, stalagmite, stalactite, and stone curtain become work of art, gives people a rich and colorful imagination and artistic enjoyment, the cave is a nature of the palace of art.

    ¡¾Peach Blossom River Attractions¡¿
    Going to Reed Flute Cave, mostly should take bus and go along Peach Blossom River. Peach Blossom River, the ancient name was Yangjiang River, originated from Guilin Lingchuan County, Simo Mountain and Weiluo Ridge, and it flows through Lingui and Lingchuan and join in Guilin. It is about 25 km. The area that Peach Blossom River flows through is the limestone area. And it has clear water, the section from Fly Phoenix Bridge to Shengli Bridge is gentle flowing, and it is bright as a mirror.



    ¡¾Feiluan Bridge¡¿
    Enter Reed Flute Cave, the first you will see is a dignified ancient stone bridge ¨CFly Phoenix Bridge. Fly Phoenix also known as Fly Dragon Bridge, located in the crossing road of Peach Blossom River and Reed Flute Road. Bridge is 62.4 meters long, 10.5 meters wide, arches with green black lime rock with build by laying bricks or stones, west edge have 14 small arches to ease the flood and the upper pressure.

    Travel Guide of Reed Flute Cave

    ¡¾Recommended Visiting Time¡¿ 1-2 hours

    ¡¾Tips¡¿ inside the cave there is free Chinese guide explanation service. In the cave there are more steps and the ground is slippery, so please pay attention to safety and wearing sneakers.

    ¡¾How to get to Reed Flute Cave¡¿
    (1) Guilin Liangjiang International Airport--25 kilometers, take a taxi pass Shengli Bridge via Longyin Road and after Peach Blossom Road and Fly Phonenix Bridge you can reach the scenic area
    Guilin South Train Station--6 km, take a public bus No.3 to the scenic spot. Bus No.3 running time is from 6:30 to 21:50, and ten minutes a bus, ticket prices for 1 RMB/per person.
    (2) Guilin Train Station --8 km, take a taxi to Shenglong Road via Beiji Square and then pass Jiuhua Road via Reed Flute Market and pass Fly Phoenix Bridge then can achieve scenic area
    Downtown--5 km, take public Bus No.3 in the Cross Road Street (Jiefang West Road) directly to the scenic spot. Bus No.3 running time is from 6:30 to 21:50, and ten minutes a bus, ticket prices for 1 RMB/per person.
    (3) Traffic in the city: it is about 5 km from the city centre, people can take bus No.3, 213, and 4A Special Line to there.
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