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  • 天门山
Zhangjiajie-8:Tianmenshan、Tianmen Cave、Tianzishan、Yellow Dragon Cave--2Nights 3Days
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Although the time is limited. But also you can visit all the famous scenic spots in Zhangjiajie. And you can enjoy the beautiful spectacular of Tianmen Mountain!
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Day1:Meet the group in Zhangjiajie: Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, Huangshi Village, Golden Whip Stream--1day tour.

In the morning:The guide or driver will pick up you in Zhangjiajie airport or in bus station or train station or in hotel where you live. The travel car will go to the first national forest park—The National Forest Park of Zhangjiajie. It needs to take about 40minutes by car arrive there. The entry fee is 245RMB plus 3RMB insurence fee. After we enter into the park, we can see the big oxygen bar square( including 8-10 million negative oxygen ions per cubic centimeter of air). When we land at the altitude of 1200 meters, we can see the biggest sightseeing stand in Zhangjiajie. And then we will visit the Yellow Rock Village scenic area. We can choose to take the cableway up and down and can also walk up and down. If you take the cableway that needs to take 65RMB/P one way and 118RMB/P round and you need to buy the cableway ticket by yourself. Yellow RockVillage is the most important spot in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. It was highly praised by a famous poet: “It makes us surprised in five steps, astonished in seven steps and shocked in ten steps.” And now, let us enjoy the beautiful.Walk along the way, we can see the Six Wonders Pavilion, the Star-Plucking Terrace, the Five Fingers Peak, the Natural Mural, the Echo Wall and so on.

In the afternoon:We will visit the most beautiful grand canyon in China—The Golden Whip stream: which is also one of the most beautiful valleys all over the world and needs to take 2.5 hours for trip. It is honored with ever-flowing spring in 1000 years’ drought and ever-green water in 10,000 years’ raining. The whole valley is7.5 kmlong. It includes some spots, for example, Gold Whip Rock, Legendary Eagle Protects the Whip and so on. The Golden Whip Brook is just like a blue scarf around the beauty--- Zhangjiajie. The path winds along mountain ridges and birds sing and flowers give out fragrance. And it makes the mountains and waters show out “three thousand unique peaks and eight hundred clean waters”. And finally, we will visit theTen Miles Gallery, which is one of the most beautiful ten spots. Finally, we will take the car to the Biaozhimen.

Accommodation: Live in Wulingyuan(Suoxiyu)

In the evening:Enjoying the Charming Xiangxi in folk custom grand theatre(The performance needs to take 228RMB/P and about 2hours and buy the ticket by yourself.)

  • Huangshi Village
  • Golden Whip Stream
  • The Water Around the Four Doors
Day2: Yuanjiajie、“the king of the peak” Tianzi Mountain、Ten-Mile Gallery—1day tour.

In the morning:After the breakfast, we will take the car and go to the Biaozhi Gate of Wulingyuan, and then we will go to Yuanjiajie about 30minutes by the environmental bus. And then we will take the biggest elevator in the world--Bailong Elevator. (Please attend: some small traffic vehicles which are not included in the arrangement, it needs to pay by yourself. The Bailong Elevator needs to take 72RMB/P one way.). Or we can go to Yuanjiajie by foot. And then we will visit the Heaven Column, which is the prototype of the Hallelujah Mountain in the movie of Avatar and we can see the nature stone bridge—The First Bridge in the world.(The absolute height of the bridge pier is 354 meters.)、Eight Diagrams Pictures and so on. And then we will take about 40minutes by the environmental bus and go to the Tianzi Mountain for visiting the surprised peak.Tianzi Mountain was ever named  as “the King of the Peak”. Thousands of mountains stand in the clouds. We can see many other scenic spots, for example, the Tianzi Pavilion, the West Sea Stone Forest,Helong Park and so on.

In the afternoon:We can choose to walk down the mountain.(Generally, it needs to take about 2hours by foot.) Or, we can choose to take the Tianzi Mountain cableway to down the mountain.(It needs to take 72RMB/P one way and you need to buy the ticket by yourself.)  In the bottom of the Tianzi Mountain, we will visit the Ten Miles Gallery scenic spot. In the Ten-Mile Gallery, we can sight it by foot that needs to take about 1hour. Or, we can take the sightseeing train.(The train is 38RMB/P one way and you need to buy it by yourself.) Along the way, we can enjoy many attractions, for example, the Three Sisters Peak, the Old People of Gathering Herbs, the Tigers Roar to the Sky, the Xiang King View the Book and so on. And then, end the trip today and we can back to the hotel and act freely.

Accommmodation:Live in Wulingyuan(Suoyiyu)

Meals:Only include the breakfast.

  • Yuanjiajie
  • Helong Park
  • Ten Miles Gallery
Day3:Visiting Yellow Dragon Cave and Tianmen Mountain and Tianmen Cave and sending group.

In the morning:After the breakfast, we will take the travel car and go to the “Underground Pearl”—Yellow Dragon Cave scenic area. (The ticket is 100RMB/P which is included. It takes about 2.5hours to visit it.) Yellow Dragon Cave enjoy the reputation of " champion cave of world tour”. In 2005, the Yellow Dragon Cave was named “the most beautiful tour cave in China”. There are many lights in the cave. Day or night, without fear of rain or wind, all year long, you can delight in its wonderful scenery. The cave is of good beneficial air circulation, and is cool in the summer and warm in the winter.Yellow Dragon Cave is one of the foremost scenic areas in Zhangjiajie, and was rated as one of the first 4A National Tourist Attractions in China. Also it has been honored as magical karst cave both in China and in the world.

In the afternoon:We will go to the down station of Tianmen Mountain cableway and visit theTianmen Mountain national forest park. The entrance fee is 258RMB/P which is included. It takes about 28minutes to take the cableway. The mountain winding bus road of Tianmen, and there is 99 sharp crooks. Mountain is worth the title of world-shocking masterpiece. Itbrings shocking and unforgettable experience for the tourists. Tianmen Mountain cableway, the longest one-way recycling passenger cableway in the world, has a length of 7455 meters and a height gap of 1279 meters. Glass Plank Road is located on the top of Zhangjiajie Tianmen Mountain,west road, length 60 meters. (Please attend: If you want to walk on the Glass Plank Road, you need to buy the overshoes by yourself.) The highest elevation is 1430 meters. It is another special attractionsin Tianmen Mountain scenic area. Along the way to the top of the mountain by cable car, you can see the landscape transforming into a kaleidoscope, experience a miraculous feeling of flying angels in the sky as well as of being blended into a long grand painting of landscape. On the top of Tianmen Mountain, we can visit by foot or take the small cable car which it needs to pay 25RMB/P for one way or 39RMB/P for round way. It needs to pay for it by yourself.

Four great wonders:Tianmen Mountain Cableway, Heaven-linking Avenue, Tianmen Cave and Bonsai Garden.

Four great scenic areas in Tianmen Mountain:Tianmen Cave scenic area,the Buddhist Heaven scenic area,Find Fairy Wonderland scenic area and Green Field scenic area.

The six unresolved mysterious in the Tianmen Mountain:Opening of Tianmen Cave, the Picture of Guigu--an ancient religious master, the Buried Treasure by Yefu--an ancient general,the Auspicious Unicorn of Tianmen, the Turbulent Water of Tianmen, the Turning of Tianmen Cave. And finish the pleasant trip!

Meals: Only include the breakfast.

Send station:Zhangjiajie airport or bus station or train station.

  • Yellow Dragon Cave
  • The Spectacular of Tianmenshan Highway
  • Tianmen Mountain Cableway
Price And Booking
Number / Standard 3star group 4star group 5star group Booking
2 to 3 people 2487 RMB/P 2567 RMB/P 2887 RMB/P
4 to 5 people 1817 RMB/P 1897 RMB/P 2217 RMB/P
6 to 7 people 1587 RMB/P 1667 RMB/P 1987 RMB/P
8 to 9 people 1477 RMB/P 1557 RMB/P 1877 RMB/P
more 10 people 1447 RMB/P 1527 RMB/P 1847 RMB/P
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Cost Description
Quotation Inclusion:

1、Accommodation:Provide 2nights accommodation.(The hotel charge the room price according to the standard--2 people live in 1 room. If you want to live alone in a room, you need to add to the difference price.)
    3star group:Live in the 3star hotel.
    4star group:Live in the 4star hotel.
    5star group:Live in the 5star hotel.
2、Meals:Only include the breakfast.
3、Travel car:Provide the travel car service in local travel. The situations as follows:
    ①、For 2 to 7 people group, provide the (7 to 9 seats) business travel car service.
    ②、For more 8 people group, provide the (14 to 37 seats) travel car service.
4、Ticket:Provide the entrance tickets of the scenic spots in the above itinerary.(The entrance fee of Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is 248RMB/Per and Yellow Dragon Cave is 100RMB/Per and Tianmen Mountain is 258RMB/P.).
5、Guide:Provide a professional guide with a national tour guide certificate to give you a considerate service.
6、Insurance:Provide the travel accident insurance.

Quotation Exclusion:

1、All the lunch and the Dinner are not included.
2、Tianzi Mountain cableway is 72RMB/P one way; Bailong Elevator is 72RMB/P one way; Ten Miles Gallery Mini train is 38RMB/P one way; Yellow Rock Village cableway is 65RMB/P one way and 118RMB/P round way; Mini cableway on the top of Tianmenshan is 25RMB/P one way; Escalator of Tianmen Cave is 32RMB/P. Overshoes of Glass Plank Road is 5RMB/P. These vehicles are in the scenic spots, you need to pay for it by yourself. Of course, you can choose to buy it or not according to your ability. And you need to be responsible for your choice.
3、International and domestic flights and train fares.
4、Other personal expenses, item at one's own expense, additional costs arise from force majeure.

Third Party Payment (More Secure And Efficient Payment Method )
Company account name:湖南西部(张家界)中国国际旅行社有限公司
Dear visitor:
    Nice to contact you! In order to facilitate the payment of the deposit or tour expenses for you. Our company opens the official PayPal and supports the payment online of PayPal. The finance department of our company will examine and verify for this. So, it is safe and efficient and you need not to worry about it.
Booking Process
How To Book?
(1)The company's customers will service for you one to one if you submit the order online.
(2)According to your submitted orders, the customer will verify and confirm all the information that you travel and so on. Generally, they will call with you to confirm your travel requirements. If you have any questions, please contact our company's customers to answer for you.
(3)After the confirmation of the order,then you can make a contract and payment. It is recommended that you choose to make a convenient contract online. Online payment and complete the contract. If you have any other requirements for the contract and payment, you can also tell the customer.
(4)After completing the sign of the contract, before the day of the travel,our tour guide will call with you or send a text to your telephone or contact you with the email and so on to tell you about the itinerary information. You only need to keep your cell phone powered up and check the information,so that you can be happy to set off and travel. Notice the group inform that include the time of transportation, food and accommodation arrangements, and travel matters need to pay attention to , and bring the passport, identity card as a travel voucher.
(5)Large group and meeting need to sign the original contract of the electronic version in advance. At the same time, according to the two sides negotiated content,our company will make the contract and sign on it and seal up to send to you by email, after receiving the contract, please sign on it and send it back to our company, and then pay for the deposit and the contract will go into effect.
(6)Sign by fax or scan: after the two sides signing and sealing on the contract, by fax or scan or email to sign the contract, and pay for the deposit and the contract will go into effect.。
How To Sign A Contract
(1)If it is large group and meeting which need to sign the electronic version of the original contract in advance. Our company can make the contract with signing and seal according to the content of deliberation and send to your company by mail. After you receive the contract, please sign, seal and mail to us. And you need to pay the deposit and then the contract comes into force.
(2)Sign a contract by fax or scanning: After the two sides sign and seal on the contract, by fax or scan (send by email) to sign the contract. And you need to pay the deposit and then the contract comes into force.
Expense Payment:
(1)Third Party Payment:
paypal(Account Mame):湖南西部(张家界)中国国际旅行社有限公司
paypal(Account Mumber)

(2)Company Account:
Account opening unit:CHINA HUNAN WEST ZJJ.CITS.LTD
US dollar account:602857366199
Singapore dollar account:597657366203
Swift code:BKCHCNBJ970
Matters Needing Attention
(1)When you go on a trip, please carry the valid identity card of adult and the valid original account of children (limited under 16 years old). If the credential is expired or uncompleted ,you need tol take the loss by yourself;
(2)Enjoy the "preferential ticket" tourists who must bring the relevant valid documents. Only in this way, can you enjoy the preferential ticket price;
(3)Zhangjiajie is a mountainous region. So please carry the rainproof tools, insect-proof drugs, heatstroke prevention drugs and a set of long sleeved clothe;
(4)Please follow the tour guide when you enter the Zhangjiajie scenic area; do not act alone to avoid getting lost; please remember the telephone number of the tour guide and the emergency contact method;
(5)Please obey the laws and regulations, such as the loss caused by illegal acts (such as extortion, etc.) . You need to be responsible for the consequences by yourself;
(6)When you check in hotel, please deposit the valuables and cash at the hotel desk, to guard against theft; otherwise, the insurance company will not compensate for the loss;
(7)Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is the world natural heritage. Please pay attention not to smoke, do not throw peel, wastepaper in the scenic spots and so on. Please consciously protect the precious heritage that nature has given us.
(8)You sign the "tourists' opinion form of tourism service quality "in the local , is the final evaluation to our work. Please fill in and put forward valuable suggestions.
(9)More than 70 years old people who book a trip, must sign a "health certificate" with our company and have a family or friends to accompany the tour.
(10 Under the age of 18 tourists should be accompanied by the family members to take part in the travel group.
(11)In order to support the environmental protection, Hunan domestic hotel does not provide a one-time items, so please bring your own toothbrush, toothpaste and other daily necessities.
(12)Zhangjiajie tourism is in the early stage of development, the local hotel of Zhangjiajie can not compare with the hotel of other same level places. As a four-star hotel in Zhangjiajie only provide the timing air conditioning in the evening and the timing hot water.
(13) Zhangjiajie National Forest Park implement one-ticket system, such as some parts of the attractions do not go and the tickets can not be returned.
(14)During the peak season, the cable car, elevator, environmental protection vehicles possibly need to wait in line, please wait patiently, follow the arrangement of the tour guide.
(15)Under the premise of not reducing the attractions, the tour guide has the right to adjust the itinerary according to the local conditions.
What can I do for you?
If you choose us, please tell us what you want. And according to your requirements, we will make the special routes for you!
Your local traditional travel agency...   If you choose us...
In the itinerary, generally including 3 to 4 shops where you must go.

Maybe forced to add packages and invisible consumption.

Dozens of people from different places form a large group.

After you arrive in the travel destination, they will transfer you to the other travel agency to arrange for you.

In the itinerary, it is very hasty due to the time is limited, so some attractions may be reduced.
Relaxed travelling, there is no any shops and factories.

A clear price, direct resources is to ensure quality.

Family trip, friends party and company tour—all of these, we can arrange a small group for you.

Managed by China International Travel Service (CITS) and one-to-one customer serve for you with considerate care.

Free customization, we can provide personalized travel itinerary for you.
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