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Name:Tongda International Hotel Zhangjiajie
Hotel Rate:
Position:Zhangjaijie city.
Address:Near Lousiwan Bridge, Yongding Road, Zhangjiajie.
Surrounding ndscape:Old Courtyard, Tujia Folk Custom Park, Tianmen Mountain and Puguang Temple.
Price Range:360~4888 RMB/Room
Browsing Times:2735 Times
Hotline:+86 17752657957
Hotel Introduction
Against the backdrop of Tianmenshan National Forest Park's lush forests and the clear waters of the Lishui River, the Tongda International Hotel (Tongda Guojijiudian) offers guests convenient links to local transport networks and proximity to beautiful natural scenery.
During the daytime, travelers can visit nearby scenic areas on Tianmen Mountain. At night, guests can take in charming scenes of flickering lights from fishing boats and the flight of waterfowl over the Lishui River.

This Zhangjiajie hotel offers a wide range of recreational facilities including a basketball court, a fitness room, a discotheque, ping pong, billiards and saunas. Business travelers can take advantage of a commercial center, as well as the hotel's airport pickup, currency exchange and travel services.

Room Type/Price
Room Type Breakfast Rack Rate Preferential Price Booking
Beauty Room 2 Breakfasts 888 RMB/Room 528 RMB/Room
Executive Suite 2 Breakfasts 2188 RMB/Room 1480 RMB/Room
Business Suite 2 Breakfasts 4888 RMB/Room 2680 RMB/Room
Deluxe Twin Room 2 Breakfasts 888 RMB/Room 300 RMB/Room
Standard Triple Room 2 Breakfasts 788 RMB/Room 570 RMB/Room
Standard Double Room 2 Breakfasts 680 RMB/Room 240 RMB/Room
Standard Single Room 2 Breakfasts 888 RMB/Room 260 RMB/Room
Presidential Suite 2 Breakfasts 9999 RMB/Room 4888 RMB/Room
Hotel Photos
Booking Instructions
一、Reservation Policy:
1. If you book online,the price only including the net house price .
2. If you need to add to a bed, you can apply directly to the hotel reception desk.
3. If you need to check in the hotel, you must provide a valid ID card or passport for check-in.
4. The name of the reservation must be matched with the name of the identity card or the passport.
5. According to the hotel regulations, you can check in after 2:00p.m. and you need to check out before 12:00.
6. According to the hotel regulations, you need to pay for it if you need to early check in or delayed check out
7. The above price is the normal price, except the "Labor Day", "National Day" and other major holidays.
二、Cancellation Policy:
1. If you cancel at least 7days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.
2. If you cancel between 3 to 6 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 30 percent of the total cancellation fee.
3. If you cancel within 2 days of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent of the total cancellation fee.
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